so let’s get together so we can feel your memories! 

I 'm Lia, a wife to my college sweetheart and mother of 3 beautiful little girls, I also work as a Registered Nurse in the ICU. LOTS to juggle, I’m sure you are thinking, but I honestly thrive in the moments of chaos. You aren’t a ICU nurse if you don’t know how to adjust to chaos quickly. That’s a major perk in hiring me, no sweating those fast toddlers.

I started with my first camera when I became a mom, I know it's very cliche but it is true! I also was the girl at the parties in highschool and college that had the camera hooked to her wrist. And then I lost my oldest brother in a car crash, this changed my life forever and from then on I knew the true meaning of what a picture memory could hold for someone.

That is my "why", and why I would love to give you a photo memory as well. 

Hi, I am so happy you are here, thanks for stopping by!

But along the way, you soon realized those babies are getting older and it is something that needs to be imprinted forever and the best way to do that is through photographs and videos. 

It’s my dream to take your photos, and it starts by contacting me.

As a mom you never want to forget those little kids.

I wanna be your girl!

The way your baby lays their head on your chest every night, the way your husband throws the kid up in the air, the way your soon to be spouse holds your hand, all the fine details will be captured I PROMISE YOU, you will leave so fulfilled of the love we shared. 

I can help freeze those moments with a single image.