"The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself."

I realized very early on my photography journey there is no way I can get there without knowing what I don’t know.. That’s why I invested in a mentoring program very early in my career! Once I had my mentorship I really excelled further. This is why I want to help you excel too! 

Like-Minded goal setting mindset, will take you to new levels your dream about!

The first step in investing in yourself is to contact me!

I will send a detailed questionnaire. Those questions are so important in the pre steps so I can personalize our meeting! With those answers I can focus on your wants and needs with priority!

The zoom will occur with your best interest in mind but no subject is off topic! 

In that hour we can cover editing, styling, “your why”, social media, back end business, the list goes on!

I will have you send me 2 raw images before our meeting as well!

If this is something you are looking for, I am your girl!

After you book, 

1.5 hour zoom

In that time, we can edit together, learn my current workflows with sessions, styling, finding your niche or reason "why", social media, and discuss anything you want to focus on! I am an open book, and will become a lifelong friend/cheerleader! 

PDFs sent via email post zoom for added education keepsake.

1:1 online zoom mentoring or shoot along with Lia

Starting at ..525 FOR ZOOM

If you are a professional photographer seeking a mentor, look no further! Being relatively new to the photography business, I felt a little lost and knew I needed some type of guidance in the right direction and Lia did just that and MORE. During our zoom call Lia answered all of my questions thoroughly and added a lot of information that was extremely helpful. She geared our session towards my needs and after it ended I not only felt more knowledgeable but truly inspired!

Lia is friendly, positive and just an overall great teacher. Even after our session, Lia has been available to answer any questions, big or small, that I throw her way, which has been amazing. I truly feel as though I have not only met a wonderful mentor, but a friend. I recommend anyone that wants to take their photography skills to the next level to spend time working with Lia. It's an investment in yourself and your business that you will be SO happy you made!